Da Bomb

There is only one sentence you can get easy to know Dabomb and it’s passion, creativity, quality, we are the

This is how it started. Back to 1998, there were some hardcore riders building the bikes the way they want and they decided to create the Dabomb brand after days and days thinking. Even Dabomb has been on the market for a while but the original dreams are still the same which are making the best frames with high quality, hand made, and coolest design. There is no way you can nd out the shadow of world famous top brands or fancy paint jobs but the bad ass design and best quality on all Dabomb’s brands and components.

Dabomb is a brand that has fully passion with innovation and revolution. Each year we improve our technology and design in order to give our users to have the best feeling and fun when they are riding their bikes. Dabomb is also a cool and naughty brand that provides bad ass EXTREME MOUNTAIN BIKES such as downhill, freeride, slope style, endure/AM, dirt jump, and cross country. In additional, we also provide cool weapons / components such stem, pedal, saddle, handle bar, grips, headset, seat post, seat clamp, hubs, and wheel which gives our customer more options to choose on their components instead of buying old school ones.

For years, the technicians and designers at Dabomb spend days and days to work on Dabomb’s products in order to create the newest and funnest products to our customers but they always keep the same rule!! Making the best and high quality products, it’s Dabomb.

Thank you for supporting Dabomb and we will keep riding our dreams.