Delivery goods

1. When you confirm your order, we will send a confirmation email to your registered e-mail. In the confirmation e-email you can see the details of your order. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can cancel the order in: my account. 


2. How to pay my order? In order to provide convenient and fast services, we aim to make our purchasing system as easy as possible. Please follow the following step:


Please register as our member → Choose the product(s) you like and add them into the shopping cart→ Click “check out” and fill in your personal information (name, address and phone number)→ Confirm the products and price → Click PayPal and follow the instruction from PayPal → You have successfully placed an order


3. When will my order be sent?


The general order preparation is 2-3 days. Once the product(s) is/are shipped out, a confirmation including an order tracking number will be sent to your email. The regular delivery time is 7-10days.


4. How do I track my order? After receiving the confirmation email, order tracking is available on the shipping companies website. Please find the order tracking number in the confirmation email or go to your accounts’ Order History.


5. Can I cancel my order?


You can cancel your order before the products are shipped. However, once you have received a confirmation email with the tracking number, the order cannot be cancelled anymore. At this point you have to follow the return goods policies.


6. If you want to change the delivery address, edit your account information at anytime in My Account. Please ensure that it is a valid and correct address, so that we can make our deliveries.

1.如我們收到您的訂單系統將會自動寄出一封訂單確認郵件到你的信箱, 如你不滿意你的訂單或改變你的主意, 你可以到order history 取消你的訂單。


2.如何支付我的訂單?- 為了提供顧客方便又快速的服務,我們的購物流程簡單又容易操作:







4.追蹤訂單- 當貨品運送出去後,你可以到order history 檢視你訂單的追蹤號碼,你將可以在我們配合的貨運網站上查詢你的訂單,讓你隨時追蹤你的訂單。


5.如何取消訂單- 當你不滿意你所選購的商品或者你改變心意,在我們運送貨品出去前,你可以到order history取消你的訂單, 一旦商品運送後請遵循退貨規則,並自行負擔運費。


6.請務必提供你最完整及最新的個人資料以便我們能正確並且快速的把商品交到你的手上,如需更改個人資料請到My Account