Membership Policy

Regular member – Free to sign up. Regular members can receive information about our special activities and periodically receive discount coupons for Cycline-space.


Premium member – $50 for one year. Premium members receive preferential (lower) prices on all products from Cycline-space. Furthermore they enjoy exclusive activities, service and discounts at Cycline-space.


SPECIAL: If you are an enthusiastic/professional rider, you are welcome to join us as a premium member for free. Please fill out the form and provide all required information (including race experience, rewards and pictures) to us. After our approval, an invitation for premium member will be sent to your registered email address.

Shop/dealer– Selected membership. This membership is specifically designed for dealers/shops and requires you to send us proof of business and related information. After our approval, you can enjoy exclusive retail prices. 



(1) 一般會員- 免費加入會員讓你想有獨家的網路價格以及不定期的特價活動。


(2) 高級會員- 快速享受升級會員的服務,只要付年費$50USD(一年期)就能享有會員專屬的折扣優惠價格和不定期的專屬高級會員的優惠活動


(3) 選手- Cycling E-space 特別為腳踏車的選手及愛好者設計的會員級別,只要提供我們相關的比賽經驗和活動照片,經通過審核標準就能享受會員的優惠價格


(4) 店家- Cycling E-space 歡迎各個腳踏車店家和經銷商與我們合作,只需提供營業相關證明和店家資訊,經通過審核標準即可最優惠的零售價格