Terms & Conditions

Your support and feedback is important to us, before purchasing please read our terms and conditions for a few minutes to ensure your rights of purchasing.


1. Personal information collection and usage

(1) Customers must provide complete information to ensure that they can join as a member and contact us.

(2) Customer must provide complete shipping address information to ensure accurate and fast deliver

(3) The information provided by customers will only be used in Cycline-space. Based on the personal data protection act, we will protect your personal information and not sell or make improper use of it.


2. Service condition

If we decide to change our Terms and Conditions, we'll post the changes on this page so that you're always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we disclose it.


3. Membership

In order to provide better services, there are three membership options:

(1) Regular member – Free to sign up, you can enjoy special discounts and receive the latest news through our newsletter.

(2) Premium member – $50 for one year, you can additionally enjoy exclusive special activities, discounts and preferential prices.

(3) Rider member – Selected membership, this membership is specifically designed for everyone who passionately rides bicycle, as long as you provide your past riding experience and racing pictures. After our approval, you can enjoy the exclusive prices.

(4) Shop member – Selected membership, this membership is specifically designed for dealers/shops, that requires a proof of business and related information. After our approval, you can enjoy exclusive retail prices.


4. Newsletters

The latest information about activities and discounts will be sent to your registered e-mail, to make sure you won’t miss any information.


5. Import duty and VAT

Customers outside Taiwan are exposed to import duty and value added tax (VAT) of their own country. We are not responsible for any additional costs after the order transaction and shipment of the product(s). We advise our customers to examine their own countries regulations.


6. Order cancellation

You have the right to cancel your order before shipment has taken place. If the order cannot be delivered due to excess shipment cost, incorrect address information or other problematic circumstances, we have the right to cancel and refund the order.


7. Safety of system

(1) We will ensure the safety of the system is in the expected scope; however, our system won’t guarantee accuracy of data transmission; if you find any error or omission, please contact us.

(2) The system will back up data regularly, but unless the system has intent or gross negligence, the system is not responsible for any lost data, or failure of backup.

(3) Members understand and agree that we may have malfunctions or failure due to network, software and hardware of the company, partners, or other related telecommunication, or the negligence of operation in whole or in part interrupted temporarily unavailable, delayed, or cause errors on the data transmission or storage, or data is altered or falsified by a third person, any compensation can't be given.


8. Account safety

If your personal information is suspected of repeat, use others' name fraudulently, infringe others' right of name, company name, trademark or intellectual property to confuse other or violate the regulation or law, we have the right to suspend our service for you or reject your registration, and all responsibility of civil and criminal issues will be assumed by yourself.


9. Law and jurisdiction place

(1) Any purchase involved with litigation. The Republic of Chinas law governs the contract.

(2) The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising between the contract partners and in connection with this contract is in Taichung.





(2) 客戶必須確保更新住址以便貨物運送快速及正確

(3)客戶所提供之資料只供於cycling E-space做使用, 基於個人資料保護法, 我們不會販售及不當使用你的個人資料,

2. 服務條款的修改

Cycling E-Space有權隨時修改本規範,將於修改時於相關網頁公告,不再個別通知。如果你不同意修改的內容,請勿繼續使用Cycling E-space的服務。

3. 會員級別

為了讓客戶享受更優質的服務, Cycling E-space 提供三個等級的會員制度,簡單又容易操作的流程讓你能快速加入會員。

(1) 一般會員- 免費加入會員讓你想有獨家的網路價格以及不定期的特價活動。

(2) 高級會員- 快速享受升級會員的服務,只要付年費$50USD(一年期)就能享有會員專屬的折扣優惠價格和不定期的專屬高級會員的優惠活動

(3) 選手- Cycling E-space 特別為腳踏車的選手及愛好者設計的會員級別,只要提供我們相關的比賽經驗和活動照片,經通過審核標準就能享受會員的優惠價格

(4) 店家- Cycling E-space 歡迎各個腳踏車店家和經銷商與我們合作,只需提供營業相關證明和店家資訊,經通過審核標準即可最優惠的零售價格

4. 電子報服務


5. 進口關稅/增加值稅

台灣以外的地區國家需承擔關稅風險,在每筆交易成立後CyclinE-Space 不會承擔關稅問題的額外費用。

6. 交易取消

CyclinE-Space 有權決定每筆交易在運送之前的成立與否,不管是運費成本或者是您的個人資料提供不完全,例如:錯誤地址等原因造成商品無法運達目的地,此筆交易交會取消並退款到您的帳戶。

7. 系統安全


(2) 本系統會定期備份資料,但是除非本系統有故意或重大過失,本系統不對任何資料的失誤刪除、或備份錯誤或失敗負責。


8. 帳號安全


9. 法律和管轄法院


(2) 台中地方法院為本合約管轄之範圍